The King of Commodities


1/24/20231 min read

Looking back at the year that we're about to leave behind and the issues we're likely to carry over to 2023, the secret sauce to finding the 'BEST HEDGE AGAINST INFLATION' is still the indisputable heavy-weight champions of the world.. OIL & COMMODITIES

They're the best hedge against Inflation, The best hedge against rising Interest rates, and the best hedge against geopolitical risk, which, as we know, is at an all-time high, with Russia, America, and China all sending vibes of uncertainty across the Global Commodity markets.

While we've seen a drop in Brent crude from $120 to currently around $80, let's be mindful that Strategic Petroleum Reserve ( SPR ), is reaching an ALL-TIME LOW, plus whatever more bans will be coming from the EU, over Russian Oil, could be sending the prices back to the $100-$115 range no later than Q2-2023.