Commodities Headcount 2023


1/5/20231 min read

'We DON’T need to add more to the team; we NEED MORE from the team ‘, should be echoed from the Executive Teams down to their middle Managers.

While we enter the period of ‘Weight Regret’, which we usually feel between Christmas and New Year, we in the C-Suite need to make sure our ‘ Headcount Diet ‘ has been adhered to by those that execute our goals and visions for the company, because the last thing we want is to get FAT IN OPERATIONAL HEADCOUNT .. AGAIN.

Though we’ve been floating in PNL UTOPIA for the last few years, Budgets still need to be reined in because while the Front Office focuses on the ‘P’, the Middle and Back Offices protect and minimize the ‘L’.

If the Operating Model is robust, coupled with a healthy growing IT Budget and a COO and CTO who are fully versed in the capabilities of AI, then your shop is in good shape and ready to take on 2023-4-5-6 etc.

However, if none of the above correlates to your surroundings, perhaps ‘The Art of Looking Busy ‘ is in its Renaissance period, in your organization ,and change is urgently required.