Market Crash


1/10/20232 min read

The Search for the 'Market Bottom' is like looking for Sam Bankman Fried ( FTX ) 'Chief Risk Officer. Pointless at this stage.

But for seasoned Investors, when others are actively looking for that signal or trigger that we've hit 'rock bottom, most of us would have already started our DCA strategy into the assets we believe in.Once we rebound off the bottom, we'll pyramid in aggressively, taking the original investments with us as we climb out of this hole. But with the view of not touching them for 5 years ( hopefully ).

So instead of Timing the Market, focus on' TIME IN THE MARKET ', especially in this Bear Market.

One of the main reasons why time in the market is essential is that it can help investors to ride out short-term market fluctuations. All assets can be volatile, with prices rising and falling regularly. This makes it tempting for investors to time the market by buying and selling based on their predictions of where prices will go. However, this can be a complex and uncertain process and trying to time the market can result in missing out on potential gains if the market moves in a different direction than expected. Also, try and figure out the role you play when investing. Traders know their traders, but some investors think their traders and end up getting wrecked.

By contrast, investing for the long term and staying invested in the market can help investors avoid short-term market volatility's pitfalls. Over the long term, some assets ( especially within the S&P ) have historically shown a positive return, with stock prices increasing over time. This means that by staying invested in the market for the long term, investors can benefit from the upward trend in stock prices and earn a positive return on their investments.

So, bonus time looms over us, and whatever cash you have left after the mandatory investment back into the company you work for.Think about the next 5 years, and look at all that's collapsing around you ( try and focus on pre-covid prices ), then decide if you're a trader or an Investor. Don't trade Hard. Invest Smart.

The bottom is near, but the bottom is rounded.