1/11/20232 min read

I'm not going to ridicule my fellow crypto enthusiasts who choose to HODL, as I too have been a part of this community since 2015.

In the beginning, I was driven by FOMO and a desire to understand the top 100 WHITE PAPERS, so I began DCA’ing in projects that I had limited knowledge about, but my strategy was simple: focus on the projects rather than the price, and avoid 'meme coins'. ( it’s funny how flexible the last one was )

As I studied the WHITE PAPERS and diversified my investments across three main exchanges (excluding FTX for some reason), I eventually held less than 30 projects. However, within three months, my portfolio had decreased by 15%, and I filtered through them, looking for the El Salvador of Projects.

Then the market went ‘Kanye ’ and experienced significant volatility, and quicker than a Will Smith Slap, I became a HODL HERO OF CRYPTO early last year.

As a student of geopolitics and global macro economics, it was drilled into me that financial cycles tend to never to repeat themselves exactly, but they do Rhyme.

During my HODL phase, I began to have doubts though, as many of my new WEB3 HODL HEROS convinced me that the next stop was 'the moon', and I’m not Forrest Gump Stupid, because I know we’ve never been to the moon😉

At the time, it seemed plausible ( not the Moon landing ), especially in online communities such as DISCORD in which I spent the last 4 years in. However, I eventually realized that most of these HODL HEROS were under 25 and had no market experience at all, and the nearest they’d got to a recession, was in a spelling test.

But Despite this, I will always defend them because they believed in the underlying PROJECT and never followed THE PRICE .

It's important to note that while the crypto market is still young, we could ( still can ) generate returns on most projects, that would normally take 15 years to achieve through the same strategy in the S&P 500.

While I don't agree with the HODL strategy for all projects, I respect the conviction behind it.