1/9/20231 min read

Making money in Crypto hasn't proved that difficult over the years, especially if you took traditional trading mythologies of INVESTING IN THE ASSET, NOT ALWAYS IN THE PRICE. Playing 'Short's also needs to be understood, of course.

While I admire the HODL HEROS of CRYPTO, investing time to read the 'white papers', and following projects and their founders does give you a solid start in this Market, rather than spinning the Crypto roulette wheel, hoping for green.

During my turbulent and somewhat emotional journey through the Market, I've always sought a solution to solve the 'Hemorrhoid of Crypto ', the 'Off Ramping or withdrawing funds from my wallet. Fortunately, offers a solution to this problem and a range of other services through its user-friendly digital application.

As an exchange trader, I am always on the lookout for more secure solutions that allow me to operate freely within the cryptocurrency space while still adhering to the motto "not your keys, not your crypto." In light of recent events involving the closure of certain exchanges, I have been considering alternative options, such as those offered by WEB3 natives like Fluid.

Fluid may be worth considering if you are looking for a solution to your cryptocurrency needs that is less risky than exchanges and does not require the use of cold storage. By supporting Swiss companies like Fluid, you can make a statement with your investments and support the cryptocurrency market.

So if you are new to the crypto space and feel the 'Crypto Exchanges' are too risky for you, don't want to fuss with Cold Storage, and need easy access to a soon to be a regulated market, then perhaps these guys are an excellent place to start.

Make a statement with your investments - Support Crypto, by supporting Swiss.

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