THE OPERATOR - is ‘The Swiss Army Knife’ in the Deal

Commodities Oil Operations


1/6/20231 min read

With strong leadership and an infrastructure of 'excellence' in their operating models, the Commodity Giants have plowed through this year's energy and geopolitical crises not seen since the oil embargo in 73.

While 'external' eyes have focused on their jaw-dropping PnLs, many are unaware of the 'Internal 'operational governance that unpins these titans of trading from the front, middle, and back offices dotted around the globe.

It's a monster production from start to finish with expertise and experience laying compliant after compliant processes to make sure STP ( Straight through processing ) resembles utopia as much as possible.

However, this is the world of lifting and moving physical products around the globe. Challenging issues arise hourly across continents, hence the role of the Logistical Operator, who always finds a way to make sure problems are either minimal, while being transparent to others within the chain that require any changes reported.

With technology advancing, most' processes and procedures are reviewed on a regular frequency, with 'Technology' always being the solution, to every issue that faces them. Hence the importance and impressive role played by those that work the system ( Middle/BAck ) to those that build the system ( IT )

Congratulations to those in charge of the 'P', but let's remember those that contribute to minimizing the 'L'.